ArcelorMittal Dofasco Hot Metal Transfer Building – Hamilton, Ontario

Project: Fabricate hood and duct for ventilation system
Owner: ArcelorMittal Dofasco
Customer: Comstock

Description: Fabricated a hood where smoke and fumes would be collected and drawn through the duct systems to a filter bag house. The hood was welded by our CWB certified welders and was in multiple pieces of ¼” thick plate steel reinforced with welded 3/8” and 1/3” thick angle and gussets. Each section had matching bolt patterns to allow for shipping and assembly on site. The hood was 30 feet high and long enough to allow torpedo train cars to dump molten steel into a pit. The duct was 3/8” thick and 6 feet in diameter. All material was sandblasted and painted prior to delivery to site.

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