Diavik Diamond Mine – Yellowknife, NWT

Project: Supply and install HVAC and dust control ducting for diamond processing facility, 500km north of Yellowknife on Lac De Gras
Owner: BHP Billiton
Customer: Lockerbie & Hole/Aecon Mining

Description: Fabricated dust control and HVAC ductwork. Pre-fabricated and formed galvanized material in our Hamilton shop, in flats, for assembly at our full shop on site. Materials and equipment were loaded into 17, 20’ sea containers and shipped to Yellowknife. Ice roads were then used, during an 8 week window, to ship from Yellowknife to the Diavik site. Once ice roads were unavailable, additional sea containers and materials were flown in by Hercules planes. We also installed 5 owner-supplied, 30” diameter, 120’ tall factory-fabricated generator stacks and breechings for 5 diesel generators that power the facility. Our crew was flown in and out of this remote site and worked in extreme temperatures ranging from -70C wind chill to +30C.

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